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Fenster with Stange Parts + Baby Jey

We’re please to welcome Berlin’s own Fenster along with our own Strange Parts and Canada’s Baby Jey for a vibed out evening of music

About Fenster

The Room, Fenster’s fourth album and their first release on Altin Village & Mine marks the beginning of a new chapter for the band. After releasing three albums, a feature length film, and touring extensively throughout Europe and North America since 2012, The Room serves as an entry point into their sonic evolution. The essential characteristic of the band is transformation—within and between genres, albums, and songs. Their sound is a window framing psychedelic, groovy, hypnogogic, playful pop. Fenster is Elias Hock (Germany), Jonathan Jarzyna (Germany), Lucas Ufo (Fance) and JJ Weihl (USA).

About Strange Parts

Upon meeting in Philadelphia in 2007, Attia Taylor and Corey Duncan vowed to make music together. It was not until years later when Duncan had moved home to Seattle and Taylor had taken a job in New York that the pair began working on material via email. Over three years of bicoastal collaboration Strange Parts was born. The project brings together the minimal pop sounds of Taylor’s solo work and the classical infused art pop of Duncan’s project Oh! Pears. This unlikely union combines to create a melodic art pop sound, rich with body moving grooves and toe tapping hooks, drawing inspiration from the likes of Serge Gainsbourg, Ebo Taylor, Billie Holiday, Broadcast, and writer Hermann Hesse. Taylor and Duncan recorded their forthcoming album with producer by Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, War on Drugs) in Philadelphia. For more information follow them on SoundCloud

About Baby Jey

Baby Jey are the soundtrack to expansive landscapes that evoke warm melodies and cold memories. You can hear them when you stare into the sun with your eyes closed, seeing only redness through your eyelids. The Edmonton, Alberta band writes strangely familiar melodies that end up more strange than familiar, marrying earnest country charm with the satisfying complexity of your favorite jazz and pop records. Inspired by the Americana upbringing they never had, their augmented melodies provide authentic modernity to a classic sound.

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