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Sum Of Parts Opening Reception

Sum of Parts

Megan and Rachel share a love of process and discovery. Both bodies of work involve labor-intensive, repetitious techniques which become meditative as new ideas and connections emerge. Between all the lines and threads a space is created for contemplation.

Megan Hobbes graduated from Messiah College's Department of Visual Arts in 2008 and lives in Fishtown. Her recent work uses pencil, pen and colored inks on paper. Employing a simple grid, repetitive mark-making, and shifts in value, Megan explores the relationship between organic things and the systems or arrangements in which they exist. From the cells that make up our bodies to the laws that govern how we interact, structures simultaneously build life and limit it. Her interest lies in this tension: that structure is at the same time restrictive and formative. 

Rachel van Timmeren graduated from Rhode Island School of Design’s Textile department in 2009 and lives in East Kensington. For Rachel, discovering pattern, texture, and structure begins with a tactile interaction with materials. She applies hand textile techniques including: weaving, knitting, stitching and dying across a variety of mediums to discover striking surfaces. She is driven by curiosity to see what results when common materials such as paper, rope and plastic are combined with traditional textile techniques and processes in unexpected ways.