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Not That Nice Opening Reception

  • The Art Dept 1638 E Berks St Philadelphia PA 19125 (map)

Join us in celebrating the work of Alex Eckman-Lawn and Kate Glasheen

March 7th 2014 6pm-9pm at The Art Dept


About "Not That Nice"

In "Not That Nice", artists Alex Eckman-Lawn and Kate Glasheen act as both author and illustrator for a series of drawn stories.  The show title refers to both the unfortunate nature of the tales being told and the juxtaposition of ugly things presented to impress.  From describing a sequence of events panel to panel, to transposing imagery across torn pages from a novel, to manual flip book animation, to the synapsing effects of collage, the two artists work with and across many disparate elements of storytelling to deliver their visual word.


Incidents are amputated from their full story-- their whole picture-- and presented as isolated and separate events.  The Art Dept.'s walls are lined with a collection of visual short stories, and as this collection of tales melts into one tragic pot, the end product is just Not That Nice.